Hometalk product research & development

We work hard to make Hometalk the 1-stop-shop for creating the home you love. We do what we do so that at any stage in a DIY project, a hometalker can find all the resources they need to get the project done: whether by browsing tutorials, asking questions, or getting hands-on help from our expert DIYers.


We listen to our Customers:

We put our customers at the center of our product methodology. We believe in building features and systems that our customers will LOVE, and it is important to be able to listen to their feedback. There are a few ways that we ‘listen’ to our customers:

  • Qualitative research - customer interviews, user meetups, prototype testing for usability. See more about that here.

  • Survey data 

  • A/B testing 


We are problem solvers:

We try to build features & systems for our customers that will solve real problems. We constantly ask ‘What is the goal, and what problem is this solving?’ to make sure that we are focused on solving the right problems, that will make a positive impact on our customers’ experience.


We break things down into simpler parts:

We like to deliver value, quickly! We plan big projects, but our methodology of continuous improvement demands that we break down our features into deliverables that can be brought to our customers quickly so we can have tighter feedback loops.


We Iterate:

Our product is always improving! There is always room to improve our features. We welcome ideas for how we can improve the existing infrastructure, and new ideas for to improve our customers’ experiences.



Our product is our technology stack. We leverage technology to be able to build better features & systems for our customers, that can scale. Our tech department supports the product & business needs, so that systems can scale and robust solutions are built.


Continuous Deployment:

We rollout new code multiple times/day, so that we can support the dynamic speed of our business. Our code is written in small chunks, with a focus on high quality, and few interdependencies. This allows our teams to work quickly, without tripping over each other’s toes.


Manual Testing:

We test our features as real customers! No robot (yet!) will be able to mimic genuine customer feedback. Our team of manual QA testers tests all of our code on all the mobile devices and desktop browsers. We do this to insure that the code is being written with high quality, and to make sure that the customer experience is top-notch.



Our team of Automated testers write scripts to test our code for regression failures. The automated tests are the backbone of our continuous deployment. The tests run multiple times a day to help make sure that all the new code that is written is high quality and has no negative impact on the existing features.


We Collaborate:

There are many skills & expertise required to bring a feature from a young idea to a scaled system. We work together to make sure that all the best solutions are brought forth, and that the implementation of all features is of the highest quality, for our customers to enjoy :)

We ♥ hometalkers.