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Each day, millions of people read or watch hometalk content to see brilliant, creative, relatable (and affordable) solutions for any area or problem in the home.

Our tone of voice

Because so much of our content is written by community members, it is not uniform in style. However, there is a distinct tone of voice in the content that we highlight or feature, in the content that we create ourselves, and in marketing materials that we write. This tone is:

  • Empowering - we believe you can do it!

  • Positive - we uplift and encourage one another

  • Personable - we are friendly and fun to be around

  • Supportive -  we understand and empathize with others' needs

  • Confident - we believe in ourselves and in our capabilities


We embody the voice of the everyday person. We are non-celebrity in our presentation, and inclusive in our approach, because we believe that every person has the creative potential to improve their home and their life. 

Branded headlines

Create the home you love

Create the home you love, together

Hometalk DIYers on demand / A local skilled DIYer will help you do it yourself

Doing it yourself doesn't mean doing it alone

Content distribution

Email, social media, and on-site browsing are the ways through which hometalkers discover and consume content. 


DIY projects featured in emails are usually presented with a "curiosity factor" to pique interest in the project. 

Video and tutorial content shared on social media has its own style guide

We ♥ hometalkers.